Save time, share your work load. Let Corepay tackle these tasks:
  • Posting countless job advertisements
  • Sorting through piles of resumes
  • Interviewing, screening and reference checking applicants
  • Processing and administering payroll
Imagine what critical tasks you and your staff can accomplish in the time you save by taking advantage of Corepay’s service!
Save money, by controlling costs. By forging a partnership with Corepay you can achieve the following:
  • Convert staff salary expense from a fixed cost to a variable cost on your P&L. Partner with Corepay to develop a planned staffing model, reduce core staff levels to that which is necessary for normal operations and supplement with qualified temporary personnel
  • Reduce over-time; by supplementing your work force with temporary employees you can reduce your labor costs significantly
  • Prevent unemployment claims, temporary personnel work for Corepay. Their unemployment claims will not affect your bottom line
Reduce turnover by limiting the risk of a bad hire. Corepay can achieve this through the following:
  • We have the time to spend on a rigorous screening and interview process that will reduce the chance of an ill advised hire
  • The flexibility of our temporary to hire program allows our clients and applicants to “try before they buy”