• Temporary to Hire Placements

    Our temp to hire option allows our clients maximum flexibility when addressing their staffing needs. This approach allows clients to accurately determine the need for a permanent hire while assessing a candidate’s suitability for a particular position. This can be achieved without the burden and overhead normally associated with taking on a new employee. You can expect the following:

    -You will be given the option of scheduling an in person interview with any of our candidates, conducting a phone interview or allowing Corepay to select the right candidate for your position.

    -Each candidate is qualified and in tune with your company’s goals, policies and corporate values.

    -You can “try before you buy”. Our temp to hire program is a 600- 720 hour duration, giving clients the time they need to accurately measure and assess an employee’s performance.

  • Direct Placements

    Let us recruit the right person for your permanent position. At Corepay we have decade’s worth of combined professional recruiting experience over a wide spectrum of industries and specializations. When you are partnered with Corepay you can expect:

    -We will actively listen to fully understand your hiring need and company culture.
    -We will develop a thorough and accurate job description.
    -We will use each of our recruiting resources to attract quality candidates.
    -We will thoroughly screen, interview, assess and reference check every candidate before presenting them for your review.
    -We will communicate your offer of employment to the candidate in an accurate and timely manner.

    Corepay guarantees all Direct Placements for a specific period of time. If an employee leaves during that period of time we will provide a one time replacement at no additional fee. Placement fees are non-refundable. Applicant information is solely for clients use and can not be divulged to any outside organizations. In the event your company hires any applicant previously presented by Corepay within a period of one year of our initial referral, your company will be responsible for Corepay’s placement fee.

  • Temporary Placements

    Whether you require supplemental staffing for one day, a week or a year you can rely on Corepay to handle your staffing need. After ensuring we fully understand the breadth and scope of your project and have a thorough and accurate job description, we will begin recruiting from our substantial pool of available temporary employees. You can expect:

    -We will maintain frequent and accurate communication with you as to the status of our progress.

    -We will contact you on the first day within the first hour to ensure our employees are timely and professional.

    -We will handle withholding all taxes, paying unemployment insurance, making social security deductions and employer contributions.

    -We carry complete insurance including workers compensation, general liability and state disability benefits.